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Some education related wikis have been around for over a decade. Why have these wikis not attracted massive amounts of participation? Education and knowledge and create abundance and reduce poverty, it seems. Perhaps eventually a diverse set of educational wikis will exist, just like how there are many colleges and universities all over Earth.

Why examine marketing dynamics for educational wikis?[edit]

Perhaps studying how existing online learning environments show the value they offer, can lead to models of how educational wikis can present a persistent and authentic value to many stakeholders. Editing and contributing to educational wikis can hopefully become increasingly mutually beneficial for editors and collaborators. Marketing educational wikis can be a way of increasing Creative Commons contributions that related to learning, teaching, and research. Studying successful online educational apps and websites, models for offering clear use cases to coach new contributors how to utilize educational wikis most fruitfully. These models can then be value offerings for potential editors and collaborators perhaps.

Discussion questions and essay ideas[edit]

  • Why are more individuals not creating educational content on Creative Commons educational wikis?
  • In what ways is Creative Commons educational content mutual beneficial to all humans?
  • What are some clear use cases for educational wikis?
  • Could Web3 and smart contracts enable a decentralized educational wiki that offers the ability to create cryptocurrency prizes for creating Creative Commons content related to various educational topics and ideas.
  • How could such incentives also help to market such a wiki at the same time? [Perhaps cryptocurrency prize functionality could be built into MediaWiki?]


These various readings can be seen as relating both directly and indirectly to educational wikis and marketing such wikis to increase and motivate participation.


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